María José Doyle
Founder and Principal Agent

Originally from Uruguay, María José Doyle created Universal Artists Management after her own extensive career as an actor, singer, dancer and entertainer.

Beginning her vocation on stage at the age of 14, María José moved to Canada to continue her professional career. She performed with Latin bands in Vancouver, worked as an actor and coached Spanish dialects in several films and TV productions.

With 38 years experience in the entertainment industry, coupled with studies in Law and International Commerce, María José is uniquely situated to provide pragmatic career building advice. She is known as one of the hardest working agents in Vancouver!

María José knows how to position an actor’s own diversity for auditions – giving them the best chance to get into an audition room.

She created Universal Artists Management as a haven for actors to be recognized as an individual – celebrating their ethnic background and unique profile.

Vanesa Tomasino
Assistant to Maria Jose

Vanesa Tomasino was born and raised in El Salvador, Central America.

Vanesa has been an actress in Canada for over 16 years. Her acting work includes more than 40 projects, such as:

  • A supporting lead role in the Syfy TV Movie "Chupacabra vs the Alamo" alongside Erik Estrada and Julia Benson
  • A recurring role in the animated series'Martha Speaks' (Carolina)
  • A lead role in 'A girl like me: The Gwen Araujo Story' (Directed by Agnieszka Holland)
  • A lead role in the Hallmark TV movies 'Mr. Miracle' and 'The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.'

She is also the founder and owner of the first acting studio in El Salvador.

Vanesa has a Masters degree in Political Science and is currently a Political Science PhD candidate. She has published studies on democracy and is also a research assistant at Harvard University.

María José Doyle Vanesa Tomasino